*~*Hate Every Beautiful Day*~*

~the world of randi~

22 June 1986
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I try to keep this journal friends only.

This journal is pretty much an outlet for my feelings... it's an easy and fast way to de-stress. So if you don't like irrational bitching and poor grammer, and lots of 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's', I don't recommend you read this.
alcohol, almost famous, alternative, being a free spirit, being drunk, being happy, being high, being wacky, belts, bibles for missions, black, black hair, blue, blue eyes, boyfriends, boys, bracelets, braids, brown eyes, buttons, camping, candles, candy, concerts, crazy hair, crazyness, cuddling, cute people, cute punks, dark, dark hair, deftones, doing things, dressing up, dying hair, earings, emo, emocore, eyeliner, eyes, film making, fire, fishnet, forests, freckles, friends, giggling, glitter, green, hair, halloween, hardcore, hats, helping make music videos, hippies, holding hands, hotboxing college residence bathrooms, hugs, immaturity, incense, intimate moments, kissing, kittens, koala bears, laughing, little things, local bands, local shows, london, loud music in cars, love, loving, loving life, lyrics, makeup, making new friends, making out, meaningful things, msn, music, music industry, necklaces, nightime, noses, parks, parties, photography, piercings, pink, planes, playgrounds, poetry, potatoes, production, punk, puppies, reading, red hair, rings, road trips, screaming, singing, ska, smiles, smiling, sneaking into 19+ shows, socks, sparkles, spider swinging, spiked hair, spinny thing, star tattoos, stars, striped tights, stripes, subway, sugar, swinging, swings, taking photos, talking, tattoos, thirteen (movie), toronto, trains, travelling, twinkling eyes, u-kor, value village, vegetarianism, video industry, walks, watching hardcore dancing, watching mosh pits, watching movies, writing, writing in livejournal