Randi (cows_that_type) wrote,


You know what's funny?
The phrase "LOL". No, not because it actucally means that something is funny. And not because you can make up cool words like LOLlercoaster from it.
But because.. it means.. Laughing Out Loud, right?
So why do people put 'I'm LOLling." It's funny that saying "I'm LOLling" makes more sense, then "I'm LOL".
But if you actucally use the words laugh out loud, it makes NO sense to say "I'm laughing out loud-ing". Actucally using the phrase "I'm LOL", makes more sense, but it sounds so wrong.
I dunno, sometimes I think too much, but I just thought this was pretty funny, that Messengerspeak (or whatever you want to call it), has it's own grammer rules and styles.
I think I'm just bored. And thinking too much.

You know what else would be funny? If someone actucally studied all this (Internet phrases and stuff), and called it Lologoly. Not like that makes ANY sense, because it clearly doesn't. But LOLogoly is a pretty cool word. In fact, I think it's even cooler then LOLlercoaster.
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