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It feels like every year around this time of year I remember this old thing. This time I got an app for it!

I should probably update this. Since surprisingly a lot of people still use it. Not like anyone really truly cares. haha..

Whats new?

I'm going back to school ... again. Starting my 6th year of post-secondary
education. Year 2 of Educational Assistant. I'm finally starting to get sick of school.

I'm now dating Joel. Surprise, surprise. It probably should have happened 5 years ago. But it's happening now and I really couldn't be any happier. We work together pretty good... we've always got along great... I've always cared for him... and we've decided to give it a shot and I'm totally happy that we did :)

I adopted a hamster, I still work at PetSmart. I named the hamster K.A (for Kool-Aid) Jammer the Hammer Cornelious. His close friends call him Jammer. Some family brought him in and couldn't keep him anymore because they were moving. My parents weren't home that weekend so I took it as a perfect oppertunity to sneak him and his cage in.

I have officially decided that I never, ever want to be alone. I used to love having nights when the house was quiet, and I was the only one here. Not anymore. I've finally gotten some freedom around here to sort of do my own thing, which usually involves being with my friends 24/7 and sleeping at Joels a lot. So when I'm by myself I get bored... and lonley.

Ummm.. really, I lead a boring life. No more high school drama.... not too sure why I still have this livejournal. I dont need to write about my intense want to die anymore, because I dont have that want anymore. I'm happier than I've ever been, and I can really truly say that :)

And thats all that matters. I hope you are all very, very happy too :)

I Miss This City :(


So much.
I miss the people, and the fun. Going to a real school. The job I had. Living in residence - having a place of my own. Making a new friend every weekend, right up until April. Community breakfasts and snow-walks. The bars that were quite decent and not-so-ghetto. The reliable bus system. I can't wait to eventually go back to the hammer. I really, truely miss it, everyone in it, and everything about it!

Mar. 12th, 2009

Awww, look, me and my puppy dog:

Yes, I am trying my hardest to post much more often than I had been. Even if it is stupid webcam pictures of me and my dog. haha.

In other awesome (I suppose)news. It is March Break. I still have to work.. some 26-hours between now and Sunday and than I should be getting Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off, provided that work didn't find out it is March Break and schedule me on those days. I really hope not, 3 days off would be nice. I've gotten to the point where I can't remember the last time I had a day off of school/work. Probably the Wednesday before placement started, which was 2 months ago now.

I don't mind being busy. In fact, I like it. But having one day off every once in a while is wonderful wonderful thing and I miss it!

Mar. 9th, 2009

I don't post much here anymore, and that is pretty unforunate.

I'm just busy. I feel like I have eight-day weeks. School for 4 days, than work for 4 days. I kinda just want a Saturday or Sunday off. It'd be REALLY cool.
March Break/Reading Week/whatever you want to call it is next week though, so that is a few days off school to look forward to.

But all is well, I guess I just lost interest in finding things to write about/lost my youthful rebellion that I always used to write about haha.


You know what's funny?
The phrase "LOL". No, not because it actucally means that something is funny. And not because you can make up cool words like LOLlercoaster from it.
But because.. it means.. Laughing Out Loud, right?
So why do people put 'I'm LOLling." It's funny that saying "I'm LOLling" makes more sense, then "I'm LOL".
But if you actucally use the words laugh out loud, it makes NO sense to say "I'm laughing out loud-ing". Actucally using the phrase "I'm LOL", makes more sense, but it sounds so wrong.
I dunno, sometimes I think too much, but I just thought this was pretty funny, that Messengerspeak (or whatever you want to call it), has it's own grammer rules and styles.
I think I'm just bored. And thinking too much.

You know what else would be funny? If someone actucally studied all this (Internet phrases and stuff), and called it Lologoly. Not like that makes ANY sense, because it clearly doesn't. But LOLogoly is a pretty cool word. In fact, I think it's even cooler then LOLlercoaster.
It's been awhile.
Not like I forgot.
Just that I've been busy. I've been so, sooo busy. Working almost 30 hours a week (6 days), plus going to school 5 days a week is NOT fun.
I'm exhausted.
And that's about my life - it really is everything that is new.
I'll update when there's more to say.
I'm still trying to get used to be being back in school.
But I like it, I can honestly say that I do like it, and that makes me really excited, that
I may have finally found something that makes me happy and that I can easily do without breaking my back trying to make a living doing it.
My days have still been up and down. Happy and sad, then glad to be home, then longing to be back in Hamilton, with lots of energy and tired as hell.

But I have a good feeling about this.
A feeling like it all might turn out, just fine.

Now all I need is a boy. But I guess that can wait. I still have more organization to do, more life figuring out, more time to learn how to take care of myself properly. Then, I really think I can do it.

I really think it's gonna be alright.

First Day Bacccckkkk

Well, today was my first day back to school.
At St Clair.
It went pretty well.
Considering my experiances at this school a few years ago, I think this program is going to be better organized and just better all around.
Still not sure if it's what I'll do, but it's staying in school and that's all that matters right now.
It's been a pretty good couple of days.
On Sunday, we went to Cedar Point, and I have a REALLY awesome time. I made two new friends and rode a scary rollarcoaster. (The Mantis.. aka, the standing up one). Never ever thought I'd ride it, but I did, and I'm pretty damn proud of myself.
And school is proving to be alright.
So, from now on, it's just wait and see. Wait and see.
I'm in a good mood lately - I just hope it will (somehow) last. I'm sick of teenaged mood swings, despite the fact that I'm 22.
But things are alright - and with that I'm content!
I'm trying SO hard to be ok with staying home.
But, in reality, all I want to do is go back to school.
I miss everyone. I miss everything.
I barely even see my Windsor friends anymore. It's just too much drama. To much to keep up with. It's not worth it. Don't get me wrong - I still love every last one of my friends in Windsor, dearly. It's just that they sometimes get me involved in bad situations/unhealthy habits. I'm 22. Going out drinking every night is just not acceptable anymore.
It's time to settle down. It just sucks having to do it all by myself.

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